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SpotOn® Sprayer Calibrator Model SC-1

Provides quick and accurate flow rate checking of individual sprayer nozzles. This model is best for flow rate under 1 GPM. (SC-4 is best for flow rates over 1 GPM)

Item #: 23890
U.S. List Price:  $149.95
SpotOn® Consistometer

Portable texture meter for shortening, margarines, butters, cheese, icings, pastes, and more.

Item #: 23920
U.S. List Price:  $2,495.00
SpotOn® Sprayer Calibrator Model SC-4

Quickly determine true spray tip flow rate to calibrate your sprayer or check for nozzle wear. This model is best for nozzle flow over 1 GPM. (See model SC-1 for flow rates below 1 GPM.)

Item #: 24200
U.S. List Price:  $219.00

SpotOn® Catch Can Reader

Handheld digital meter quickly weighs catch cans and instantly calculates irrigation coverage and rate including coefficient of variation. Internal memory can be downloaded to a PC for further analysis.

Item #: 26010
U.S. List Price:  $995.00
SpotOn® Irrigation Flow Meter

Quickly find irrigation nozzle flow rates to check for nozzle wear, obstruction, or regulator problems. Includes boot to cover nozzle during testing.

Item #: 26060
U.S. List Price:  $249.00
SpotOn® Mini Patternator

Innovative handheld patternator allows visualization of nozzle and sprayer coverage. Most readings are made in less than 10 seconds due to the special channel design.

Item #: 26980
U.S. List Price:  $185.00

SpotOn® Tip Cleaner & Multi-Tool Combo Pack

Get both the innovative air blast Nozzle Cleaner and 4-in-1 Tip Tool multi-tool. These tools are designed specifically for spray tip and nozzle body cleaning and maintance. The SpotOn Nozzle Cleaner provides a 50 PSI air blast for clearing debris from spray tips. The 4-in-1 Tip Tool features a brush, foldout plastic pick, spanner wrench, and utility hook that make tip maintance quick and easy.

Item #: 27860
U.S. List Price:  $44.95
SpotOn® Sprayer Pressure Tester (PT-DIGITAL)

Accurately check nozzle pressure where it counts! Verify accuracy of sprayer's pressure sensor or gauge as well as find blockage in hoses and booms. Digital display with quick couplers for fast and accurate pressure checking.

Item #: 28040
U.S. List Price:  $119.00
SpotOn® Irrigation Pressure Tester (PT-IRR)

Pitot Tube Type Digital Pressure Tester for Irrigation Nozzle Testing (Range 3 to 160 PSI)

Item #: 28140
U.S. List Price:  $119.00

SpotOn® Master Applicator Kit

All the innovative SpotOn tools an educator needs for sprayer classes & clinics regarding calibration, testing, and tip maintenance. INCLUDES: Digital Sprayer Calibrator, Digital Pressure Tester, Patternator, Wind Meter, Air Blast Tip Cleaner, Tip Multi-Tool, Sprayer Output Calculator, Gloves, Goggles, & Durable Carry Case

Item #: 28160
U.S. List Price:  $695.00
SpotOn® Spray Tip Tool Kit

All the innovative SpotOn tools a sprayer operator needs for finding worn nozzles, verifying application rate, cleaning plugged tips and strainers, and calibrating the sprayer. In a compact carry case with personal protective equipment. INCLUDES: Digital Sprayer Calibrator, Air Blast Tip Cleaner, Tip Multi-Tool, Sprayer Output Calculator, Gloves, Goggles, & Compact Carry Case

Item #: 28170
U.S. List Price:  $245.00
SpotOn® Temp Probe

Digital temperature probe with unique fiberglass shaft and stainless steel tip provides accuracy, speed, and durability.

Item #: 28730
U.S. List Price:  $195.00