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SpotOn® Catch Can Reader

Handheld digital meter quickly weighs catch cans and instantly calculates irrigation coverage and rate including coefficient of variation. Internal memory can be downloaded to a PC for further analysis.

Item #: 26010
U.S. List Price:  $995.00
SpotOn® Irrigation Flow Meter

Quickly find irrigation nozzle flow rates to check for nozzle wear, obstruction, or regulator problems. Includes boot to cover nozzle during testing.

Item #: 26060
U.S. List Price:  $249.00
SpotOn® Irrigation Pressure Tester (PT-IRR)

Pitot Tube Type Digital Pressure Tester for Irrigation Nozzle Testing (Range 3 to 160 PSI)

Item #: 28140
U.S. List Price:  $119.00

SpotOn® Portable Spray Case

Demonstrate spray nozzles and test equipment anywhere! Discounts for university personnel and pesticide educators are available.

Item #: 29480
U.S. List Price:  $2,195.00